Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Malcolm Stocks, M. Eisenbach, B. Újfalussy, B. Lazarovits, L. Szunyogh, P. Weinberger:
"On calculating the magnetic state of nanostructures";
Progress in Materials Science, 52 (2007), 371 - 387.

English abstract:
We review some of our recent work on first principles calculations of the magnetic structure of
surface and bulk nanostructures. The calculations are based on implementation of relativistic density
functional theory within state of the art surface embedding and order-N multiple scattering Greenīs
function methods. First principles spin-dynamics and the constrained local moment approximation
are reviewed as they relate to optimization of moment configurations in highly inhomogeneous
materials such as surface and bulk nanostructures. Results are present for three prototypical
nanostructures - short Co-chains adjacent to a Pt{1 1 1}-surface step-edge, a Cr-trimer on the
Au{1 1 1}-surface, and Fe-chains and impurities in Cu - that illustrate the need to treat the under-
lying electronic interactions on a fully self-consistent basis in which the very different energy scales
appropriate to exchange coupling and magneto-crystalline anisotropy are treated on an equal

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