C. Grünberger, R. Ritter, F. Aumayr, H. Stachelberger, I. Gebeshuber:
"Algal Biophysics: Euglena Gracilis Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy";
Materials Science Forum, 555 (2007), S. 411 - 416.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Matter produced by organisms is remarkable. Evolutionary optimized properties e.g. regarding hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, wetting and adhesive behavior can already be found in the "simplest" of organisms. Euglena gracilis, a single-celled algal species, performs tasks as diverse as sensing the environment and reacting to it, converting and storing energy and metabolizing nutrients, living as a plant or an animal, depending on the environmental constraints. We developed a preparation method for atomic force microscopy investigation of whole dried Euglena cells in air and obtained data on whole cells as well as cell parts. Our studies corroborate TEM, SEM and optical microscopy results. Furthermore, we found new features on the pellicle, and set the ground for AFM force spectroscopy and viscoelastic studies on the nanoscale.

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