Publications in Scientific Journals:

Hp. Winter:
"HCI Issues in Tokamak Fusion Plasmas";
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 58 (2007), 33 - 40.

English abstract:
Thermonuclear fusion powers our universe and is a most promising option for electricity and hydrogen fuel generation within a future sustainable and environmentally benign energy scenario. We shortly describe the current status of magnetic fusion research on its way to the international tokamak experiment ITER, for which construction at the European site Cadarache (France) starts in the near future and first plasma operation is expected in about ten years from now. In the adopted EU strategy for international fusion R&D, ITER is the first part of a 'broader approach to fusion' toward a fusion demonstration reactor ('DEMO') which can supply electricity into a power grid before the mid of this century. We then discuss the role of highly charged ions (HCI) for magnetic fusion (plasma transport, heating, edge and divertor plasmas, and diagnostics). Finally, we present two illustrative examples from our own work on HCI atomic and surface collisions with relevance for magnetic fusion plasmas.

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