Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Eisterer, K. Schöppl, H. W. Weber, M.D. Sumption, M. Bhatia:
"Neutron Irradiation of SiC Doped and Magnesium Rich MgB2 Wires";
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 17 (2007), 2; 2814 - 2817.

English abstract:
Monofilamentary SiC doped wires and multifilamentary
wires made from magnesium-rich powders were exposed to
thermal neutrons. The induced defects enhance the field, up to
which the resistivity is zero ("irreversibility field") at 4.2 K (by
about 1-2 T), and, therefore, reduce the field dependence of the
critical current density. On the other hand, the transition temperature
decreases from about 35Kto 32.5 K, thus restricting the beneficial
effect of neutron irradiation to low temperatures. Changes
of the critical current density are discussed in terms of changes
of the fundamental superconducting parameters (condensation energy,
upper critical field, anisotropy) and changes of the flux pinning

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