Publications in Scientific Journals:

F. Hengstberger, M. Eisterer, H. W. Weber, A. Kursumovic, J.L. MacManus-Driscoll:
"Irreversible Magnetic Properties of Neutron Irradiated HLPE Coated Conductors";
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 17 (2007), 2; 3549 - 3552.

English abstract:
Hybrid liquid phase epitaxy (HLPE) is among the
most promising high rate techniques for fabricating coated
conductors. In this paper we report on the irreversible magnetic
properties of HLPE thick films grown on single crystalline
3 at temperatures of 860 C and 890 C. Magnetic measurements
in the temperature range from 5 to 90 K were carried
out on these samples to determine the critical current density. Furthermore, neutron irradiation which introduces effective pinning
centers of known density provides us with additional information
on the field dependence of pinning in HLPE coated conductors.

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