Publications in Scientific Journals:

Y. Dedkov, C. Laubschat, S. Khmelevskyi, J. Redinger, P. Mohn, M. Weinert:
"YCo2: Intrinsic Magnetic Surface of a Paramagnetic Bulk Material";
Physical Review Letters, 99 (2007), 0472041 - 0472044.

English abstract:
Here we report on results of a spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopic (SRPES) study of YCo2 thin
films (150 A-thick) grown on a W(110) substrate. The films were prepared by co-deposition of
stoichiometric amounts of Y and Co onto a clean W surface followed by thermal annealing leading to
(2 x 2) overstructure with respect to W(110) in the low-energy electron diffraction pattern indicated
formation of a structurally ordered YCo2(111) surface. While no clear spin asymmetry was observed for
bulk-sensitive SRPES data taken at hv = 1253:6 eV, the more surface-sensitive SRPES data obtained at
hv = 21:2 eV photon energy revealed a clear spin-asymmetry probing the validity of the recent
theoretical prediction.\

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