Publications in Scientific Journals:

T. Khmelevska, S. Khmelevskyi, A.V. Ruban, P. Mohn:
"Dependence of magnetism of VAu4 alloy on the state of chemical order: A first principles study\";
Physical Review B, 76 (2007), 0544451 - 0544459.

English abstract:
The strong dependence of the magnetic properties of the alloy VAu4 upon the degree of chemical order has
been a subject of intense experimental studies and controversial theoretical interpretations. In the framework of
density functional theory using the coherent potential approximation embodied in the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker
method, we perform first principles calculations of VAu4 varying the degree of atomic chemical order from a
disordered fcc alloy to the fully ordered MoNi4-type structure. In contrast to the conventional point of view,
partially also based on earlier first principles studies of the ordered structure, our results suggest a localized
character of the vanadium moments rather than being weakly itinerant. Moreover, we find that in the fully
ordered alloy an antiferromagnetic state is more stable than the ferromagnetic. This finding leads to a signifi-
cant revision of the earlier descriptions of magnetism in VAu4, which were based either on itinerant or local
moment pictures. Investigating fcc Au-V alloys richer in vanadium, we also study the role of local environment
effects on the stabilization of the magnetic moments at the V atoms and advocate a ferrimagnetic character of
the experimentally observed state with a small spontaneous magnetization.

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