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P. Rogl, E. Bauer, G. Hilscher, H. Kaldarar, E. Royanian, H. Michor, E. Scheidt, A. Gribanov, Y. Seropegin:
"Novel Compounds RE{Ir,Pd,Pt}2Si - Structure and Properties";
Talk: International Workshop on Exotic States in Materials with Strongly Correlated Electrons, Sinaia, Romania; 2007-09-07 - 2007-09-10.

English abstract:
Compounds {La,Ce}{Ir,Pt}2Si and {Yb,Lu}{Pd,Pt}2Si have been synthesized by arc melting. Whereas {La,Ce}Pt2Si crystallize in the inverse CeNiSi2-type structure, CeIr2Si adopts a modified unique structure type. The compounds {Yb,Lu}{Pd,Pt}2Si crystallize in the ordered Fe3C-structure. Magnetic properties are dominated by a mutual interaction of the RKKY interaction, the Kondo effect and crystal electric field splitting, resulting for CePt2Si in long range magnetic order below about 7 K. A slightly enhanced Sommerfeld value γ= 42 mJ/molK2 and a distinct temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity refers to Kondo interaction in presence of strong crystal electric field splitting. YbPd2Si is characterised by Kondo lattice features at higher temperatures and, presumably, antiferromagnetism at 2.1 K. A quasiquartet crystal field ground state governs the physics at low temperature. The most important observation is that in the case of YbPt2Si there are well separated CEF levels, while in YbPd2Si, the first excited CEF level is only about 12 K above the ground state. Such a feature is very rare to be observed.

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