Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Lemell, A.S. El-Said, W. Meissl, I. Gebeshuber, C. Trautmann, M. Toulemonde, J. Burgdörfer, F. Aumayr:
"On the nano-hillock formation induced by slow highly charged ions on insulator surfaces";
Solid-State Electronics, 51 (2007), 1398 - 1404.

English abstract:
We discuss the creation of nano-sized protrusions on insulating surfaces using slow highly charged ions. This method holds the promise
of forming regular structures on surfaces without inducing defects in deeper lying crystal layers. We find that only projectiles with a
potential energy above a critical value are able to create hillocks. Below this threshold no surface modification is observed. This is similar
to the track and hillock formation induced by swift ( GeV) heavy ions. We present a model for the conversion of potential energy stored
in the projectiles into target-lattice excitations (heat) and discuss the possibility to create ordered structures using the guiding effect
observed in insulating conical structures.

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