Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Schöppl, H. W. Weber, J.H. Durrell:
"Angular dependence of critical currents across YBa2Ca3O7-δ low-angle grain boundaries";
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 460-462 (2007), 1188 - 1189.

English abstract:
The angular dependence of the transport critical current density Jc across an artificial 5 [001]-tilt grain boundary (GB) in a
YBa2Ca3O7 d thin film was investigated. The magnetic field was rotated in the ab-plane of the film. Four intragrain tracks were available
crossing the GB at 90 , 60 , 45 and 30 . Flux channeling was found at all grain boundary tracks in a symmetric angular interval around
the GB direction. The contribution of flux cutting to the critical current was evaluated for the 60 track. Nearly no dependence on the
applied magnetic field, but a strong variation with temperature was found.

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