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E. Doná, T. Loerting, S. Penner, M. Minca, A. Menzel, E. Bertel, J. Schoiswohl, S. Berkebile, F. Netzer, R. Zucca, J. Redinger:
"Fluctuations and phase separation in Br/Pt(110)";
Surface Science, 601 (2007), 4386 - 4389.

English abstract:
The quasi-one-dimensional system c(2 x 2)-Br/Pt(1 10) is investigated by low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) spot-profile analysis and by variable-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy (VT-STM). An order-disorder transition is found at 375 K. For 250 K < T < 375 K a long-range ordered c(2 2) phase is observed, but the spot profiles reveal strong correlated fluctuations along the close-packed row direction. At T = 50 K three different phases coexist in a glassy state: c(2 x 2), (2 x 1), and (3 x 2). The loss of long-range order and transition into a phase-separated state is a common feature predicted for strongly correlated systems. Some inconsistencies between theory and experiment in our previous interpretation of the (3 x 1)-Br/Pt(110) phase as a charge density wave (CDW) are resolved by identifying it as a fluctuating (3 x 2) CDW phase.\

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