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M. Minca, S. Penner, T. Loerting, A. Menzel, E. Bertel, R. Zucca, J. Redinger:
"Chemisorption of hydrogen on the missing-row Pt(110)-(1x2) surface";
Topics in Catalysis, 46 (2007), 1-2; 161 - 167.

English abstract:
Chemisorption of hydrogen on the missing-row reconstructed Pt(110)-(1 X 2) surface has been studied by TPD, quantitative LEED, and DFT calculations. An (atypical) chemisorption site on the outermost close-packed rows with an ideal coverage of 0.5 ML (b2-state) is found. Adsorption sites on the (111) microfacets are occupied only at higher coverage (b1-state). After exposures of more than 400 L, the TPD spectra clearly reveal the controversly discussed a-state. In the same coverage range, an intense 1 X 4 superstructure becomes visible at LEED energies around 50 eV. The saturation coverage for chemisorption at T = 120 K is 33% higher than assumed previously.\

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