Publications in Scientific Journals:

Y. Hasegawa, R. Loidl, G. Badurek, S. Filipp, J. Klepp, H. Rauch:
"Evidence for entanglement and full tomographic analysis of Bell states in a single-neutron system";
Physical Review A, 76 (2007), 052108-1 - 052108-6.

English abstract:
Tomographic measurements of Bell states of a single-neutron system in an interferometer were carried out.
The spin-path joint measurements exhibit clear evidence of entanglement. Reconstructions of the density
matrices of, practically complete, Bell states were accomplished. The fidelities as well as the concurrences of
the generated states are determined by 0.79 and 0.75 as well as 0.59 and 0.52, respectively, which are again
clear evidence of the spin-path entanglement in a single-neutron system.

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