Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Lederer, H. Winter, Hp. Winter, F. Aumayr:
"Electronic excitations during grazing scattering of hydrogen atoms on KI(001) and LiF(001) surfaces";
European Physical Journal D, 41 (2007), 505 - 511.

English abstract:
The energy loss of hydrogen atoms with energies of 400 eV and 1 keV is studied in coincidence
with the number of emitted electrons during grazing scattering from atomically clean and flat KI(001)
and LiF(001) surfaces. The energy loss spectra for specific numbers of emitted electrons are analyzed in
terms of a binary interaction model based on the formation of transient negative ions via local capture
of valence band electrons from anion sites. Based on computer simulations we derive for this interaction
scenario probabilities for the production of surface excitons, for electron loss to the conduction band of
KI, for emission of electrons, and for formation of negative hydrogen ions. The pronounced differences of
data obtained for the two surfaces are attributed to the different electronic structures of KI and LiF.

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