M. Kast, P. Schröder, Y.J. Hyun, P. Pongratz, H. Brückl:
"Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Zn Metal Nanowires Utilizing Cold-Wall Physical Vapor Deposition";
Nano Letters, 7 (2007), No. 8; S. 2540 - 2544.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Zinc metal nanowires (NWs) of two different morphologies have been synthesized in a cold-wall physical vapor deposition (CWPVD) chamber at high vacuum conditions and growth temperatures of 150 C. Substrates initially seeded by gold or platinum crystals show NWs of wool-like and/or unidirectional morphologies. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies revealed that the rodlike NWs consist of single-crystalline Zn covered with a thin native oxide. NWs of wool-like morphology are suppressed using platinum as the seed metal. NW growth proceeds via vapor-solid (VS) kinetics without any catalyst particles on the wire tips. The highest observed growth rates exceed the Zn deposition rate by factors up to 860, indicating the dominant role of surface diffusion of Zn adatoms, also along the NWs. The surface diffusion length of Zn adatoms on the NW side facet is determined to be 39 m. Direct impingement of precursor atoms on the NW tip is not significant for the growth process.

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