Publications in Scientific Journals:

W.S.M. Werner:
"Analysis of reflection electron energy loss spectra (REELS) for determination of the dielectric function of solids: Fe, Co, Ni";
Surface Science, 601 (2007), 2125 - 2138.

English abstract:
A simple procedure is developed to simultaneously eliminate multiple scattering contributions from two reflection electron energy-lossspectra (REELS) measured at different energies or for different experimental geometrical configurations. The procedure provides the differentialinverse inelastic mean free path (DIIMFP) and the differential surface excitation probability (DSEP). The only required inputparameters are the differential cross section for elastic scattering and a reasonable estimate for the inelastic mean free path (IMFP). Noprior information on surface excitations is required for the deconvolution. The retrieved DIIMFP and DSEP can be used to determinethe dielectric function of a solid by fitting the DSEP and DIIMFP to theory. Eventually, the optical data can be used to calculate the(differential and total) inelastic mean free path and the surface excitation probability. The procedure is applied to Fe, Co and Ni and theretrieved optical data as well as the inelastic mean free paths and surface excitation parameters derived from it are compared to valuesreported earlier in the literature. In all cases, reasonable agreement is found between the present data and the earlier results, supportingthe validity of the procedure.

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