Publications in Scientific Journals:

M.A. Novak, S. Egri, L. Köver, I. Cserny, W. Drube, W.S.M. Werner:
"Energy dependence of electron energy loss processes in Ge 2s photoemission";
Surface Science, 601 (2007), 2344 - 2351.

English abstract:
The emission of electrons from solid surfaces under photon and electron impact is discussed. The focus of this contribution is on the transport of electrons from their point of generation inside the solid to thesurface. The physical quantities characterizing the electron--solid interaction are introduced and their sources in theliterature are given. The theory for multiple scattering is outlined in some detail and spectrum processing proceduresbased on it are explained. The theoretical concepts are illustrated by means of experimental examples. Theconsidered phenomena include elastic and inelastic electron reflection from solid surfaces, Auger-- and photoelectronemission and secondary electron emission.

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