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E. Bauer, H. Kaldarar, H. Michor, M. Reissner, E. Royanian, E. Scheidt, P. Rogl, A. Gribanov, Y. Seropegin:
"Low temperature transport and thermodynamic properties of YbPd2Si";
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 403 (2008), 919 - 921.

English abstract:
A novel ternary compound has been found at the 1:2:1 position among the Yb-Pd-Si phases, where YbPd2Si crystallises in the ordered Fe3C-structure. YbPd2Si is characterised by Kondo lattice features at higher temperatures and, presumably, antiferromagnetism at 2.1 K. A quasi-quartet crystal field ground state governs the physics at low temperature.

YbPd2Si; Kondo lattice; Magnetic ordering

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