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T. Muramatsu, K. Tokuoka, E. Bauer, H. Michor, L. Fornasari, T. Kagayama, K. Shimizu:
"Magnetic instability of weak ferromagnetic YCo9Si4 under pressure";
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 403 (2008), 1328 - 1330.

English abstract:
Ground state properties of intermetallic YCo9Si4 are investigated by means of temperature-dependent electrical resistivity measurements under pressure using both a diamond-anvil cell and a piston-cylinder cell. At ambient pressure, YCo9Si4 shows weak itinerant ferromagnetism below 25 K with an ordered moment of about 1.6μB/f.u. The temperature-dependent electrical resistivity exhibits below 10 K a power-law behavior R(T)=R0+ATn. The exponent n changes from nsimilar, equals1.7 at ambient pressure to about 1.5 at 6 GPa, referring to non-Fermi liquid behavior. The characteristic temperature decreases with pressure, implying a decrease of the ferromagnetic transition with pressure as well. The initial decrease of the ordering temperature is Click to view the MathML source. Both, the pressure-dependent evolution of TC as well as of the coefficients A and n indicate that a ferromagnetic quantum critical point will be reached under pressure of the order of 6 GPa.

Itinerant ferromagnet; Electrical resistivity; Pressure; Quantum criticality

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