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V.H. Tran, R. Khan, E. Bauer, P. Rogl:
"High pressure electrical resistivity study on itinerant ferromagnetic β-UB2C";
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 403 (2008), 1375 - 1377.

English abstract:
We report the effect of pressure P on the electrical resistivity ρ(T) of a polycrystalline sample of an itinerant ferromagnet β-UB2C with the Curie temperature TC = 74.5 K and characteristic temperature T* = 35K. It is observed that both TC and T* decrease with increasing pressure, and the critical pressure, where the long-range ferromagnetic order becomes completely quenched, is estimated as large as Pcr~18 kbar. The metallic character of the ρ(T) curves of β-UB2C is changed into a Kondo-like one around 12 kbar. We suppose that the suppression of the magnetic order in β-UB2C by applying pressure is related with the development of Kondo effect.

β-UB2C; Ferromagnetism; Resistivity measurement; Pressure effect

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