Publications in Scientific Journals:

S.T. Nakagawa, A. Okamoto, G. Betz:
"Antisite defect centers in 3C-SiC produced by ion irradiation";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 266 (2008), 2711 - 2714.

English abstract:
We have studied the ion-induced defects in a semiconductor (3C-SiC) using an empirical molecular dynamics calculation at temperature
below 2000 K. The structures of produced defects were analysed by the Pixel Mapping method, focusing on the antisite related
defects. In addition to the DI center that had been ascribed to be due to single antisite pair (CSi-SiC) aligning in <111> directions,
we observed antisite clusters composed of 3-5 antisites. As a model cluster, SiC(CSi)4 had been predicted by quasistatic calculation, which
was consistent with the lower formation energy of CSi than SiC. This implied inversely SiC and CSi(SiC)4 can be more stable if once they
were formed under energetic ion impacts. In fact, we observed a clear trend of growth of CSi(SiC)n approaching to CSi(SiC)4 under 5 keV
boron impacts above annealing temperature.
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