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F. Aumayr, A.S. El-Said, W. Meissl:
"Nano-sized surface modifications induced by the impact of slow highly charged ions - A first review";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 266 (2008), 2729 - 2735.

English abstract:
Irradiation of crystalline solid targets with swift heavy ions can lead to the formation of latent tracks in the solid and the creation of
(mostly-hillock type) nanostructures on the surface. Recently similar surface modifications with nanometer dimensions have been dem-
onstrated for the impact of individual, very slow but highly charged ions on various surfaces. We will review the current state of this new
field of research. In particular we will discuss the circumstances and conditions under which nano-sized features (hillocks or craters) on
ions might be of considerable interest for some practical applications.
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PACS: 79.20.Rf; 68.37.Ps; 68.35.Dv

Highly charged ions; Ion-surface interaction; Nanostructuring of surfaces; CaF2

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