E. Biehl, U. Schubert, F. Kubel:
"Reduction of solid silicon monoxide by elemental metals";
New Journal of Chemistry, 25 (2001), S. 994 - 998.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Reaction of solid SiO with calcium in various ratios at 900°C results in the formation of a mixture of CaO, CaSi and Ca5Si3. When the reaction (in a 1:3 ratio) is carried out at 750°C, CaO and Ca3SiO are formed. The structure of the latter compound, which is erroneously described in the literature as "cubic Ca2Si", was determined from powder diffraction data. In the reaction mixtures of solid SiO with strontium or titanium, SrSi, SrSi2 and Ti5Si3 were identified. Reaction with aluminium did not result in the formation of a silicide, but of elemental silicon instead.

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