A. Givan, H. Grothe, A. Loewenschuss:
"Spectral evidence of solid state interactions in mixed dimethyl sulfone - water ices.";
Journal of Molecular Structure, 648 (2003), S. 159 - 169.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Infrared spectra of solid mixtures of dimethyl sulfone and ice were studied. A comparison of the spectra to those of the pure
solids indicates bands attributable to two solid-solid interactions - a stronger and a weaker one-both centered on the
OH· · ·O=S moieties. The bonded ny(OH) stretch assigned to the stronger interaction is part of the broad `3µ’ ice band and its
wavenumber value is close to that reported previously for the 1:1 ((CH3)2SO2)·H2O) complex isolated in rare gas matrices. The
weaker interaction is discerned at higher wavenumbers as a very low intensity feature, only slightly shifted from the free nðOHÞ
band positions.

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