K. Föttinger, G. Kinger, H. Vinek:
"1-Pentene isomerization over zeolites studied by in-situ IR spectroscopy";
Catalysis Letters, 85 (2003), 1-2; S. 117 - 122.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The skeletal isomerization of 1-pentene at 1.2 bar total pressure and 30 mbar 1-pentene partial pressure was investigated by in situ IR
measurements over FER and BEA zeolites. If the reaction was carried out isothermally a small loss of Brønsted acid sites due to coke
formation, a constant conversion and a high selectivity to isopentenes was found over FER. A loss of acid sites and a decrease in
conversion was found over BEA, but the selectivity to isomerization increased remarkably. The pore size of FER favored the
monomolecular reaction of 1-pentene and suppressed bimolecular reactions. In the bigger pores of BEA initially dimerization-cracking
and hydrogen transfer reactions leading to a coke layer took place then the skeletal isomerization of 1-pentene prevailed.

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