M. Jupa, G. Kickelbick, U. Schubert:
"Methacrylate-Substituted Titanium-Yttrium Mixed-Metal Oxo Clusters";
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 9 (2004), S. 1835 - 1839.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Upon reaction of titanium propoxide and yttrium 2-methoxyethoxide with a sevenfold excess of methacrylic acid, three different mixed-metal clusters were obtained, depending on the titanium to yttrium alkoxide ratio. Clusters of the type Ti4Y23-O)42-methacrylate)121-methacrylate)2L2 (L = MeOCH2CH2OH or methacrylic acid), with two [TiO6] octahedra condensed to a zigzag chain of two [YO8] dodecahedra and two [TiO6] octahedra, were formed when the Ti/Y ratio in the precursor mixture was >= 3.5. The structure of Ti4Y2O4(OMc)12(OCH2CH2OMe)2(McOH)2 obtained with a Ti/Y ratio of 2 in the precursor mixture, consists of a ring of four corner-sharing [TiO6] octahedra to which two [YO8] dodecahedra are condensed.

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