M. Boca, G. Kickelbick, H. Fuess:
"The presence of iron(III) salts of oxo acids can result in protonation of amino groups";
Chemical Papers, 58 (2004), S. 145 - 147.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The unusual behavior of ligands contg. basic amine sites in systems of Fe(III) salts of oxo acids in protic solvents is described. In these mixts. a protonation of the basic centers can take place without addn. of other acidic species. Thus, an EtOH soln. of the condensation product derived from 2-pyridinecarboxaldehyde N-oxide with triethylenetetraamine mixed with an aq. soln. of Fe2(SO4)3 gave protonated [NH3+(CH2)2NH2+(CH2)2NH2+(CH2)2NH3+](SO42-)2◊2H2O, which was characterized by x-ray crystallog. This protonation is explained by the hydrolysis of hexaaquairon(III) cation providing protons capable for the protonation of amino groups.

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