E. Hayek, P. Krenmayr, H. Lohninger, U. Jordis, W. Moche, F. Sauter:
"Identification of archaeological and recent wood tar pitches using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and pattern recognition";
Analytical Chemistry, 62 (1990), 18; S. 2038 - 2043.

Kurzfassung englisch:
An anal. method has been developed for the assignment of recent and archaeol. wood tar pitches to the species of trees used for their prepn. It incorporates the prepurifn. by Kugelrohr distn. and solid-phase extn. followed by GC/mass spectroscopy anal. Distribution patterns of volatile, thermostable triterpenoids and steroids characterizing the biol. origin of the pitches are evaluated by principal component anal. (PCA) and discriminant component anal. (DCA) of the data. Quantities of 10-100 mg of archaeol. material can thus be characterized. Fourteen archaeol. samples have been characterized as birch bark pitches by comparison with recent pitches of known origin. In addn., 28 substances present in recent barks and recent pitches could be identified showing that the method developed can also be applied to the chemotaxonomy of broad-leaved trees.

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