U. Jordis, F. Sauter, S. Siddiqi:
"7,9-Dideaza-9-thiaadenines (4-aminothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines) as potential anticytokinins)";
Vestnik Slovenskega Kemijskega Drustva, 33 (1986), 3; S. 217 - 238.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Thirteen 4-aminothienopyrimidines I [R = Me, R1 = H, Me; R2 = H, SMe; R3 = Me(CH2)4, H, cyclopentyl, PhCH2, etc.; RR1 = (CH2)4; R2 = H, SMe, R3 = Me(CH2)4 etc.] were prepd. as cytokinin analogs in which the natural imidazole ring was replaced by the thiophene moiety. I were tested for activity as cytokinins in the tobacco callus assay. Although none of the compds. was active as a cytokinin, some of them inhibited growth, showing potential as anticytokinins. Surprisingly, introduction of a SMe group in the pyrimidine ring gave I (R2 = SMe) that were inactive as anticytokinins, while modification of the N-4-substituent produced only minor changes in biol. activity.

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