D. L. Evans, D. K. Minster, U. Jordis, S. M. Hecht, A. L. Mazzu, A. I. Meyers:
"Nickel peroxide dehydrogenation of oxygen-, sulfur-, and nitrogen-containing heterocycles";
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 44 (1979), 4; S. 497 - 501.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Twenty-seven partially reduced O-, S-, and N-contg. heterocycles were oxidized by NiO2. Of particular interest were the conversions of several oxazolines to the corresponding oxazoles, a conversion apparently without precedent in the chem. literature, and the efficient oxidn. of thiazolines to thiazoles. Since NiO2 can effect thiazoline dehydrogenations in the presence of other functionalities, as may be judged by the successful oxidn. of phleomycin A2 to bleomycin A2, the oxidant should be of utility for the prepn. of natural products contg. thiazoles.

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