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T. Koch, F.R. Kogler, U. Schubert, S. Seidler:
"Mechanical Properties of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Determined by Indentation Techniques";
Monatshefte für Chemie, 138 (2007), 293 - 299.

English abstract:
The mechanical properties of hybrid materials consisting of polystyrene (PS), which was cross-linked with different proportions of the multifunctional cluster Zr6O4(OH)4(methacrylate)12 (Zr6) were investigated. With the help of (micro)indentation and scratch testing, the influence of the Zr6 clusters on mechanical properties, such as hardness, stiffness, creep, craze initiation, and scratch resistance was shown. There was only a slight increase in hardness and in indentation modulus with higher cluster loadings. While this observation was in agreement with the compression behaviour of the materials, the tensile properties showed a much stronger dependence on the Zr6 content. With increasing cluster loading, an increase of craze initiation stress, as determined by ball indentation experiments, was found. Performing scratch testing with constant load, a reduction of pile-up and a stronger recovery were observed for the hybrid materials compared to the neat PS. Scratch tests with a constant increase of load showed an increase of the critical load for crack opening during scratching.

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