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R. Obermaisser, P. Peti, W. Elmenreich, T. Losert:
"Monitoring and Configuration in a Smart Transducer Network";
Talk: IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Embedded Systems, London, United Kingdom; 2001-12-03; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Embedded Systems", (2001).

English abstract:
There is a strong necessity for monitoring, runtime configuration, and maintenance of smart transducer networks. This paper describes tools for establishing these tasks in distributed real-time systems. A time-triggered architecture is presented, that accomplishes deterministic, reproducible monitoring of a smart transducer network without probe effects. This architecture allows access to the relevant node internal information to render all conditions observable, which cause a specific system behavior. Timeliness during dynamic reconfiguration and maintenance is preserved, which allows evolutionary changes and maintenance of the system during real-time operation. The architecture comprises both a local application and a CORBA client/server communication. We present a case study providing insight into a concrete implementation of this architecture based on the fieldbus protocol TTP/A.

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