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H. Kopetz:
"The Three Interfaces of a Smart Transducer";
Talk: IFAC International Conference on Fieldbus Systems and their Applications, Nancy, France; 2001-11-15 - 2001-11-16; in: "Proceedings of the FeT`2001 - 4th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbus Systems and their Applications", (2001).

English abstract:
A smart transducer is an intelligent device that comprises in a compact small unit a sensor or actuator element (possibly both), a micro-controller, a communication controller and the associated software for signal conditioning, calibration, diagnostics, and communication. Such a smart transducer can be viewed from three different viewpoints, the real-time service (RS) viewpoint, the diagnostic and maintenace (DM) viewpoint and the configuration and planning (CP) viewpoint, that have di erent characteristics and are directed to different clients. In order to separate the concerns, this paper argues that these viewpoints should be supported by three di erent interfaces in order to reduce the complexity of each interface.

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