Contributions to Proceedings:

T. Eiter, W. Faber, N. Leone, G. Pfeifer, A. Polleres:
"Answer Set Planning under Action Costs";
in: "Logics in Artificial in Intelligence, LNAI 2424", S. Flesca, S. Greco, N. Leone, G. Ianni (ed.); Springer, Cosenza, Italy, 2002, ISBN: 3-540-44190-5, 186 - 197.

English abstract:
We present Kc, which extends the declarative planning language K by action costs and optimal plans that minimize overall action costs (cheapest plans). As shown, this novel language allows for expressing some nontrivial plannning tasks in an elegant way. Furthermore, it flexibly allows for representing planning problems under other optimality criteria as well, such as computing "fastest" plans (with the least number of steps), and refinement combinations of cheap and fast plans. Our experience is encouraging and supports the claim that answer set planning may be a valuable approach to advanced planning systems in which intricate planning tasks can be naturally specified and effictivley solved.

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