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M.A. Ertl, D. Gregg:
"Building an Interpreter with Vmgen";
Talk: 11th International Conference on Compiler Construction, CC2002, Grenoble; 2002-04-08 - 2002-04-12; in: "Compiler Construction ", R.N. Horspool (ed.); Lecture Notes in Computer Science/Springer, 2304/Berlin (2002), ISBN: 3-540-43369-4; 5 - 8.

English abstract:
Vmgen automatesmany of the tasks of writing the virtual machine part of an interpeter, resulting in less coding, debugging and maintenance effort. This paper gives some quantitative data about the source code and generated code for a vmgen-based interpreter, and gives some examples demonstrating the simplicity of using vmgen.

Electronic version of the publication:
http://www.complang .tuwien.ac.at/papers/ertl%6gregg02.ps.gz

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