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H. Tellioglu, I. Wagner:
"Work Practices Surrounding PACS. The Politics of Space in Hospitals";
Computer Supported Cooperative Work: The Journal of Collaborative Computing, 10 (2001), 2; 163 - 188.

English abstract:
This paper uses a case study of collaborative work practices within the radiology department of a hospital, for examining the usefulness of spatial approaches to collaboration. It takes a socio-political perspective on understanding the shaping effects of spatial arrangements on work practices, and seeks to identify some of the key CSCW issues that can be addressed in spatial terms. We analyse the spatial settings or layers (physical,
digital and auditory) within which work takes place, and the qualities of connections between them, examining in how far they support (professional) boundaries or help maintain a sense of context. Guiding themes are the relationships between space and the visibility of work, and how to accommodate social world needs through spatial arrangements.

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