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J. Delgrande, T. Schaub, H. Tompits, K. Wang:
"Towards a Classification of Preference Handling Approaches in Nonmonotonic Reasoning";
Talk: AAAI-02 Workshop, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 2002-07-28 - 2002-07-29; in: "Preferences in AI and CP: Symbolic Approaches ", U. Junker (ed.); Technical Report WS-02-13 (2002), ISBN: 1-57735-166-5; 16 - 24.

English abstract:
In recent years there has been large amount of disparate work concerning the representation and reasoning with preferential information in approaches to nonmonotonic reasoning. Given the variety of underlying systems, assumptions, motivations, and intuitions, it is difficult to compare or relate one approach with another. Here we present an overview and classification for approaches to dealing with preference. A set of criteria for classifying approaches is given, followed by a set of desiderata that an approach might be expected to satisfy. A set of representative approaches is subsequently given and described with respect to these sets of underlying principles. We conclude with a suggested list of open problems and research topics.

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