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J. Oberleitner, T. Gschwind:
"Requirements for an Architectural Composition Language";
Talk: Second International Workshop on Composition Languages (WCL 2002), Málaga, Spain; 2002-06-11.

English abstract:
ADLs are used in Software Engineering to describe the architecture of an application. This description can be used by different tools to support architectural analysis. Composition Languages on the other hand focus on the construction of executable applications out
of components. Unlike ADLs a composition language allows the construction of new components and frameworks from smaller entities.
By combining these two languages into an Architectural Composition Language (ACL), however, it is possible to combine their advantages.
In this paper we present the requirements for ACLs and the design of
our Architectural Composition Language. A combination of both approaches allows the explicit description of an architecture while
still permitting the construction of executable applications and new
components from fine-grained existing components.

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