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A. Rauber, A. Aschenbrenner, O. Witvoet, R. Bruckner, M. Kaiser:
"Uncovering Information Hidden in Web Archives: A Glimpse at Web Analysis building on Data Warehouses";
D-Lib Magazine (invited), 8 (2002), 12.

English abstract:
The Internet has turned into an important aspect of our information
infrastructure and society, with the Web forming a part of our cultural
heritage. Several initiatives thus set out to preserve it for the future.
The resulting Web archives are by no means only a collection of historic Web
pages. They hold a wealth of information that waits to be exploited,
information that may be substantial to a variety of disciplines. With the
time-line and metadata available in such a Web archive, additional analyzes
that go beyond mere information exploration become possible.

In the context of the Austrian On-Line Archive (AOLA), we established a Data
Warehouse as a key to this information. The Data Warehouse makes it possible
to analyze a variety of characteristics of the Web in a flexible and
interactive manner using on-line analytical processing (OLAP) techniques.
Specifically, technological aspects such as operating systems and Web
servers used, the variety of file types, forms or scripting languages
encountered, as well as the link structure within domains, may be used to
infer characteristics of technology maturation and impact or community

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