Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

F. Glock:
"Designers' Involvement in Designing";
Talk: 7th International Design Conference DESIGN 2002, Dubrovnik; 2002-05-14 - 2002-05-17; in: "Proceedings of the DESIGN 2002 7th International Design Conference", Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Univ. of Zagreb, The Design Society, 2 / Zagreb, Glasgow (2002), ISBN: 953-6313-47-9; 773 - 778.

English abstract:
In the paper designing is conceived as a social, interactive process of interpretation and meaning construction. Sociological concepts are adopted to describe how designers build meaning through routine interpretative practices. Extracts of a recorded design session in practice are taken as data for the analysis presented.
The paper investigates a referential practice in design conversation through which designers refer to themselves. Evidences are put forward that designers use the referential practice to express subjective involvement in designing. Designers appear to experience the design space more directly by symbolically displacing themselves and stepping into the `object worlds’ to empathize with or taking the role of the objects.

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