Contributions to Books:

J. Schiefer, B. List, R. Bruckner:
"A Holistic Approach for Managing Requirements of Data Warehouse Systems";
in: "Proceedings of 8th Americas Conference on Information Systems ", AIS, 2002, 77 - 87.

English abstract:
Quantitive evaluations show that many data warehouse projects fail at an alarming rate, wasting all the time, money, and effort spent on them. Cost overruns and schedule delays are attributed in large part, to problems associated with requirements. Therefore, a crucial success factor for the implementation of data warehouse systems is efficient requirements management. In this paper we introduce the easyREMOTEDWH (easy Requirements Modeling Technique for Data WareHouses) requirements management approach, which facilitates an incremental and iterative development of complete, correct, feasible, necessary, prioritized, unambiguous, and verifiable data warehouse requirements. As a foundation we present a requirements specification template with consideration of different stakeholder perspectives and the typical characteristics of data warehouse systems. We discuss traditional requirements management activities (change control, version control, status tracking, requirements tracing) in the context of data warehouse environments and extend these traditional activities to support more efficient requirements documentation and visibility.

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