Contributions to Books:

A. Rauber, O. Witvoet, A. Aschenbrenner, R. Bruckner:
"Putting the World Wide Web into a Data Warehouse: A DWH-based Approach to Web Analysis";
in: "Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Very Large Data Warehouses", IEEE, 2002, ISBN: 0-7695-1668-8, 822 - 826.

English abstract:
The World Wide Web, due to its sheer size and dynamics, has turned into one of the most fascinating and important data sources for large-scale analysis and investigation, ranging from content-based information location, dynamics of change, to community analysis. Yet, most projects so far rely on special-purpose tools optimized for a given task, providing only limited flexibility.
In this paper we propose a Data Warehouse based approach to analyze the World Wide Web. Information contained in the web pages, meta data on the documents, as well as information acquired from additional sources such as the WHOIS database, are integrated into a multidimensional view of the Web. The resulting system allows for flexible analysis of the various characteristics of the Web. Results from a prototypical study of the Austrian national Web space as part of the AOLA project demonstrate the potential of the presented approach.

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