Contributions to Books:

A. Hameurlain, F. Morvan, P. Tomsich, R. Bruckner et al.:
"Mobile Query Optimization based on Agent-Technology for Distributed Data Warehouse and OLAP Applications";
in: "Proceedings of the International Workshop on Very Large Data Warehouses", IEEE, 2002, ISBN: 0-7695-1668-8, 795 - 799.

English abstract:
With the rapid collection of data in wide variety of fields - ranging from business transactions through medical investigations to scientific research - the demands in data analysis are ever growing. Today's challenges are less related to data storage and information retrieval, but can rather be found in the analysis of data on a global scale in a heterogeneous system: technologies such as On-Line Analytical Processing, Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery in Databases all require the integration of information and efficient query processing. In distributed and heterogeneous datasets this can only be the efficient distribution and scheduling of subtasks in a distributed computing resource. We propose the use of mobile query optimization based on agent-technology for distributed data warehouse and OLAP applications to adapt the current query execution dynamically to the computing resources it executes on. This is particular importance in cluster and grid computing.

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