Contributions to Books:

C. Falk, T. Grechenig, W. Zuser, P. Fessl, R. Bosch:
"A Report on the Software Engineering Activity Structure of a Developer for Electronic Diesel Engine Control";
in: "Proceedings of the sixth IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications", ACTA Press, 2002, ISBN: 08898963237, 361 - 366.

English abstract:
The increase of software complexity in the field of electronic control for diesel engines enforces a rigorously increasing demand in process and software quality within the underlying industrial production mechanisms. Meeting these rapidly evolving requirements in regard to size of code per engine control as well as to the variety and diversity of control tasks made software engineering methodology play an important role in the management agenda. Improvements have become necessary in the areas of project management, requirement management, software design, configuration management, and software quality assurance. Today a higher level of software quality, rather well defined processes, and a higher level of accuracy of delivery schedules have been achieved by consciously taking ongoing SE improvement steps. Benefits of the established software engineering methods have been measured with different metrics.

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