H. Eidenberger, C. Breiteneder:
"A Framework for User Interface Design in Visual Information Retrieval";
in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Multimedia Software Engineering", IEEE Computer Society Press, Newport Beach, CA, USA, 2002, ISBN: 0769518575.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper describes the user interface framework of the VizIR project. VizIR is an open project to develop a Java-based, extendible and welldocumented asset framework for visual information retrieval. The paper includes a description of the visual components and their class structure, the communication between panels and the communication between visual components and query engines. Visual components include media panels, controls and renderer classes. Panels communicate through media events. Communication of user interfaces and query engines is based on the Multimedia Retrieval
Markup Language (MRML). MRML is an XML-based language that was developed by the University of Geneva. To be usable with our querying paradigm, we extend MRML with additional elements. The paper contains a short implementation section with details on the Java components used, Java 3D graphics libraries (GL4Java and Java3D) and Java XML parsing. Finally, an appendix contains the MRML extension.

vizir, Visual Information Retrieval

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