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C. Scheidler, P. Puschner, S. Boutin, E. Fuchs, G. Grünsteidl, Y. Papadopoulos, J. Rennhack, U. Virnich:
"Systems Engineering of Time-Triggered Architectures - The SETTA Approach";
Talk: IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems, Sydney, Australia; 2000-11-29 - 2000-12-01; in: "Proceedings of the 16th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems", (2000), 55 - 60.

English abstract:
SETTA addresses the systems engineering of safety­critical distributed real­time systems with a special focus on time­triggered architectures. An innovative methodology and a corresponding engineering environment is developed which aims for a higher maturity at early development steps. Key features are the support for a virtual systems integration and the tighter interconnection between the functional development process and the safety analysis process. The supporting tool components are designed and implemented in the course of the SETTA project. The methodology is evaluated by pilot applications from the automotive, aerospace, and railway domain.

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