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G. Bauer, M. Paulitsch:
"An Investigation of Membership and Clique Avoidance in TTP/C";
Talk: IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, Nürnberg, Germany; 2000-10-16 - 2000-10-18; in: "Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems", (2000), #.

English abstract:
Avoiding the partitioning of a cluster into cliques that are not able to communicate with each other is an important issue in the time-triggered communication protocol TTP/C. This is achieved by a mechanism called Clique Avoidance. The Clique Avoidance algorithm always selects one partition (clique) to win and causes all nodes of other partitions to shut down. In this paper, we are going to investigate the properties of this algorithm by analyzing its performance, elaborating the properties, and showing how the Clique Avoidance algorithm interacts with the Implicit Acknowledgement algorithm of TTP/C.

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