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R. Kosara, S. Miksch:
"Visualization Methods for Data Analysis and Planning in Medical Applications";
International Journal of Medical Informatics, 68 (2002), 1-3; 141 - 153.

English abstract:
Time plays an important role in medicine, both the past and the future. The medical history of a pa-tient
represents the past, which needs to be understood by the physician to make the right decisions. The
past contains two different kinds of information: measured data (such as blood pressure) and incidents
(such as seizures). Planning therapies, on the other hand, requires looking into the future to a certain
Visual representations exist for both the past and the future, and they are very useful for getting a
better understanding of data or a plan. This paper surveys visualization techniques for both data analysis
and planning, and compares them based on a number of criteria.

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