Contributions to Books:

R. Kosara, S. Miksch:
"AsbruView: Capturing Complex, Time-Oriented Plans Beyond Flow-Charts";
in: "Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning", P. Olivier et al. (ed.); Springer, Berlin, 2002.

English abstract:
Flow-charts are one of the standard means of representing actions or
algorithms in many domains. However, applying ow-charts in dynami-
cally changing environments, like clinical treatment planning, reveals their
limitations. Flow-charts do not include the temporal dimension in their
design, do not allow complex paths through many components, and scale
very badly. These are only some of the requirements for a means of com-
municating clinical therapy plans. As an alternative, a plan-representation
language called Asbru was designed, that overcomes all the limitations of
ow-charts. It is, however, impossible for a domain expert to work with
Asbru directly. Therefore, a visualization called AsbruView is presented
here, which uses three-dimensional diagrams and metaphors | running
tracks and traÆc signs | to make the parts of Asbru easily understand-
able and usable. Even very complex clinical plans are easy to understand
with AsbruView.

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