Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

C. Glawan:
"Monitoring of Real-Time Operating Systems";
Supervisor: H. Kopetz, S. Poledna; Institut für Technische Informatik, 2000.

English abstract:
Real-time systems are becoming more and more complex. For the software developer the process from designing a system to get a system running porperly is becoming harder and harder, especially when developing distributed real-time systems. The debugging process is the most time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive part during development. Due to the special properties of real-time systems traditional debugging techniques can\'t be used since they\'d violate timing contraints. So new principles and methods must be found.
A way for debugging real-time systems efficiently is the monitoring approach. It allows one to watch changes of certain system states over time during execution.

A very important part of a real-time system is its operating system. Besides other jobs it is responsible for activating tasks within strict timing constraints as well as for watching deadline violations. So of course monitoring the activities of the operating system can be helpful during development.

In a first step this thesis gives an overview about the concepts and special features of real-time systems and real-time operating systems. The thesis continues with the discussion of various monitoring approaches already done. Afterwards the concepts of the Time Triggered Architecture TTA developed at the University of Technology at Vienna will be presented.

The rest of this thesis deals with the prototype development of a monitoring system for the time-triggered operating system TTPosTM manufactured by TTTech AG. After precise specification of the system, implementation details will be discussed. The thesis closes with enhancement possibilities of the monitoring-approach chosen.

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